[CS-45] Territorial Gobbing – How To Do Things With Words (CDR)



Recorded in December of 2021 over 20 seperate cassettes, “How To Do Things With Words”, out now on Coherent States, is the new album by the North West Leeds Free Music Soloist Theo Gowans under his main moniker, Territorial Gobbing. Other times he records as DJ Bottle Going Pfft, Pfft, Pfft…

What Theo Gowans attempts here is an anarchic expression of improvisational cut-up noise with an element of dada mentality being emphatically in the foreground. This absurd sonic concoction is in a state of perpetual nervousness; with every listen it feels like witnessing the Mixed Band Philanthropist making a tinkering nww list cassette from the remains of the recordings of “Nothing Here Now But The Recordings” by William Burroughs, while in the background Terry Fox’s “Linkage” can be heard in varying sound levels. We can imagine the sounds being improvised live in front of us in a gig/performance by Gowans like an intense and overwhelming weird sound collage delirium, an aural manifesto on how to make sounds from other sounds and mainly how to make things with words.

Theo Gowans is a noisemaker and promoter based in Leeds. Many of his live activities take place in the bar / multi-use venue Wharf Chambers, a space dedicated to music, art, film, politics and discussion that brings together people from communities across Leeds. His discography, as it should, is scattered in dozens of cdr and tapes in the catalogue of the usual suspect microlabels that are dedicated to the DIY experimental underground.

Limited edition CDr: BUY HERE
Hand-stamped CDr housed in deep red heavy paper stock 6-panel cover.
Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

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White & tango red versions on 190gsm Sol’s Imperial t-shirt with black colour, hand-pulled black ink screen-print on the front side and logo neck print.
Each colorway limited to 15 copies.

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