New releases (Girls On Tape, Grisha Shakhnes & Dylan Nyoukis / Karen Constance)



Hello all! As the end of the year approaches we are finally thrilled to announce our new releases. This new batch consists of three cassette tapes by three excellent projects / collaborations, each presenting a personal and compelling path of the abstract musical landscape; Girls On Tape, aka Jeff Surak and Rinus van Alebeek, vandalize each other’s ideas in a “Freie Kassettenkultur” concept, while Grisha Shakhnes evolves his haunting field recordings into a very personal and warm music environment in the “I Know Nobody Asked For This But Still” cassette. Last but not least, Constance / Nyoukis, the artists formerly known as Blood Stereo, return with “Creased Neurals”, a strange mix of collages, gurgles, burbles, warbles, yelps, whistles, klobs and cut-ups that evolved in the mighty kingdom of the Lo-Fi during the year 2021.
All three cassettes are limited editions, hand-numbered to 60 copies each.
A very limited bundle that includes all three releases plus a 3-way split CDR including exclusive tracks, one for each of the projects, plus two limited edition fold out posters with Karen Constance’s artwork, is available as a mailorder-only option throughour webstore.

For more info head out to the releases page.


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