New releases (Bardo Todol, Fleshtone Aura, Costis Drygianakis & Matt Atkins)


After a fair amount of impossible delays we are finally thrilled to announce our first releases for the year of doom 2020. This new batch consists of three cassette tapes by three excellent projects / collaborations, each presenting a personal and compelling path of the abstract musical landscape; Bardo Todol perform their unique ritual with the elements of nature in the town of Saslsipuedes in Cordoba, while Fleshtone Aura‘s audio collages take over Toronto’s suburbs between two non-sequiturs. Coming back in Europe, Costis Drygianakis and Matt Atkins exchange words, ideas and recordings from Marathos to London and back, to form an intense musical dialogue during lockdown times.

All three cassettes are limited editions, hand-numbered to 70 copies each.
A very limited bundle that includes all three releases plus a 3-way split CDR including exclusive tracks, one for each of the projects, plus a limited edition poster with Frank Vega’s artwork (used at the Bardo Todol release), is available as a mailorder-only option through our webstore


For more info head out to the releases page.


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