[CS35] Fleshtone Aura – A “Therefore” Between Two Non​-​Sequiturs (C46)


“He is a good guy, so play his tapes”

The music and art of Fleshtone Aura is a thing very much defined and abstract at the same time. It is hard to describe in words but easy to feel. It is an orgiastic and furious sound collage but simultaneously, a minimalist composition in the repeating pattern in which we can easily find ourselves lost to. It is pure musique concrete. It is clearly tape music. It is the externalization of SST Wizard Andrew Zukerman’s mental state. It is a paranoid but delicate grotto. A Soft QSO. An experimental noise concert canceled at the last minute and moved from the venue’s basement to the adjacent pizza house’s parking lot with the artist performing for the occasional passersby as his only audience. It is the leftover fries of lovers who broke up in the midst of eating them. It is a “therefore” between two non-sequiturs. Dive in. Softly.

Fleshtone Aura is the alias of the solo sound-collage project of experimental musician & visual artist Andrew Zukerman from Toronto. Fleshtone Aura rose from the ashes of the surrealistic duo Gastric Female Reflex. Andrew was the co-founder of the now-defunct experimental label Beniffer Editions.

Limited editionBUY HERE 
Green cassette with white imprint. Comes in regular jewel case and 4pp 150gsm paper covers.
Limited to 70 hand-numbered copies.

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