CDr reissue for Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble’s “Noncanonical Gospels From The Cult Of The Immortal Tapir”


We now have our copies of the cdr reissue of our sold out 2018 release “Noncanonical Gospels From The Cult Of The Immortal Tapir” by our favourite Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble. “Refreshing Hemorrhage” 7″ tracks are presented as bonus tracks.

Co-released by Butte County Free Music Society / Coherent States

The FUR is back! The retsina-free dried-tapir-blood tea too!

Utterly confusing and disturbingly cacophonic in their usual manner, Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble go vocal to the bone in their new “Noncanonical Gospels from the Cult of the Immortal Tapir” album. Absurd jokes spoken loudly and non-hindering laughs and coughs echoing in a beautiful meadow of blooming flowers and mushrooms, violently collapsing in a torrential and endless vomit shower. The sweet good mood is not lost for one minute. Marcel Duchamp and Thomas Pynchon are watching the scenery from a distance. Things are getting weird and blurred. Minutes by minute, the images and sounds turn more and more into peculiar and abstract audio poems. With a little help from some old Elvis’ recordings, the Bar of Mottled Soap and the Holy Cult of the Immortal Tapir, we follow the road to Shambala. Or somewhere like that.
New artwork by Ace Farren Ford.

Deluxe edition comes in a fur-covered jewelcase plus two inserts and some tea. Limited to 35 hand-numbered copies.

Available also as a regular edition CDr, BUFMS style.

US pals encouraged to order through Tedium House. UK friends through chocolate monk soon.

Very few copies in stock through our webstore.
For more info head out to the releases page.

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