New releases (Savvas Metaxas, Gaël Segalen & Michael Barthel)


After a fair amount of delays we are finally excited to announce our first releases for 2019. The new batch consists of cassette tapes by three excellent experimental artists, each exploring different part of the abstract musical landscape; Savvas Metaxas takes on the stages of sleep by pushing his module setup to the edge, while Gaël Segalen presents a dynamic sample of her compositional psyche, creating a compelling mixture of abstract noise experimentations, field recordings and ecstatic electronic manipulation. Lastly, Michael Barthel with “Ververbüntede” delivers a subtle behemoth of frustration and confusion based on voice and sound tape collages.

All three cassettes are limited editions, hand-numbered to 50 copies each

A very limited bundle that includes all three releases plus a 3-way split cassette including exclusive tracks, one for each of the artists, is available as a mailorder-only option through our webstore.

For more info head out to the releases page.


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