Live showcase with Sigtryggur B. Sigmarsson / Sick Llama / J. Hamann & K. Kilymis / Dead Gum, at Boiler, Athens

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On May 3rd at Boiler, the artist responsible for one of our most favorite releases to date (selling out two pressings), Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, will perform his debut Greek show alongside with the free improvisational noise vandal Sick Llama, whose new release will be out on Coherent States and available for the first time at the show. Kostis Kilymis, who you might remember from his excellent collaboration with Phil Julian, will also join the event this time collaborating with the Australian avant-garde cellist Judith Hamann following Dead Gum who will launch the evening with his noise guitar exploration and live tape manipulations.
You can find more info over here: link


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