[CS-20] Ghone / Modelbau – Zagtel Jaar Mileit / Pulse/Phases (CDR + 3″ CDR)


With a sporadic presence on record-breaking level and sparse -and usually unannounced- performances, Ghone returns after several years with his vessel being the 15-minute “Zagtel Jaar Mileit” and his destination the explorarion of the most experimental moments of the project. During the evolution of the monotonous and catatonic buzz, field recordings and sparse noises are gradually added which, without attempting a piecemeal expansion, accomplish the desired sonic stripping of the synthesis. Ghone returns to his favorite 3″ cdr format with a precursor of some more massive recordings that will hopefuly follow in the near future.

Modelbau is the most auditory claustrophobic project of Frans De Waard (Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, The Tobacconists, THU20, Tech Riders), whose contribution to the underground of the last 30 years from every post is truly invaluable and inexhaustible. “Pulse/Phases” is a 40-minute modulating drone album structured from a rhythmic point of view. It is obvious that this is not strictly improvisational music, but a product of a commitment to the minimal and the strict use of synths, loops, laptops and sounds. Pulses’ noise reasoning alternates with Phases’ rhythmic drone ambient, resulting in a both industrial and digital feel.

The dialogue and auditory resemblance between “Zagtel Jaar Mileit” and “Pulse Phase” are complemented by two prints by the collage artist Ewan Aparicio (Imput Error) within his well-known high standards.

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One 5″ and one 3″ white-faced CDRs affixed with black tabs on heavy cardstock featuring Ewan Aparicio’s artwork (different design in the first half than the rest). Comes in hand-made string-tie envelope.

Limited to 40 hand-numbered copies.