New releases (Sindre Bjerga, Rinus Van Alebeek & Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson)


After their initial launch at last Saturday’s Drew McDowall’s gig, we are finally able to announce that our three new cassette titles, limited to 30 hand numbered copies each, are officialy out and available at our bandcamp store :

CS-12 Sindre Bjerga– Infinity Machine – C50
CS-13 Rinus Van Alebeek – Early Piano Works Volume 2: The American Recitals – C47
CS-14 Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson – Wondrous Intermission – C34

Also, just like with the previous batch, we are offering a super limited 3-inch CDR with exclusive studio material from the artists, available only to the very first who will buy all three cassettes at once. Please note, there are already only three of these left!

For more info head out to the releases page.

All other previous releases are sold out from us, apart from our very last copy of the Ashtray Navigations “Glasgow” lathe 7″. You can buy our older releases at the Electric Knife Records store in Kentish Town, London, while stocks last.

Coming up next : a very limited lathe cut 7″ by Colin Potter (ICR / Nurse With Wound Official) and reissues of the Duerf CDR and Phil Julian / Kostis Kilymis “Fustian Cutting” tape, with many more to follow. Keep watching our social media pages for more info on those soon!

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