[CS-12] Sindre Bjerga “Infinity Machine” (C50)


If I had to keep, say, an objective conclusion from discussions concerning noise music, is that more often than not, an improvisation works better as a live performance rather than a methodical studio creation. The energy to which you are exposed in the first case can completely consume you, even change the way you perceive music. Someone who has well understood this is the Norwegian improv artist Sindre Bjerga who is not only active on the part of live shows, but is equally trusted to release his appearances in the best format for experimental / noise music, the cassette. See, the suitability of the cassete format as an ideal expression of that scene, is, let’s say, the second objective conclusion that I’d take home. Last summer, Sindre Bjerga distanced himself enough from Norway’s industrial zone, Stavanger, where he was born and still resides, to do a tour in Japan as well as to make appearances in Europe, like, for example, at Cafe Oto. And it’s not his first time doing that. Sindre is what one would consider a hyperactive persona in the underground, and has come to be a reference point of the Norwegian experimental sound, along with Lasse Marhaug, John Hegre and others. The -more than 140- releases of, extraordinary label, Gold Soundz, which he’s been operating since 2001, is another grand proof of this.

“Infinity Machine” lasts 50 minutes and includes three of Sindre’s appearances. On side A, entitled “Instant Infinity”, we find him during an appearance at the Third Space Gallery in Helsinki, on June 23, 2015. Beginning with vocal experimentations, he builds up to a cold ambience encircled by sounds of falling metal objects and dictaphones. On side B, entitled “Modified Infinity” we find two different sets in Chomsky Bar in Riga, Latvia which fit, generally, the same audio frames as the first side, except that the role of contact microphones is somewhat more pronounced in framing the vocal part, creating an improvisation so beautiful in its structure and development that one easily gets the impression that it worked fine. These three performances fit very nicely together and “Infinity Machine” cassette stands as an individual sonic statement.

Edition details:
30 hand-numbered black cassette tapes with full colour labels and 4pp j-card covers on 150gsm paper.

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