[CS-11] Evil Moisture/Thorivos “Split” (2×3″ CDR)


Andy Bolus (UK) is a special case of a multidisciplinary artist, the aural part of which presents an extensive discography and hundreds of live concerts under the Evil Moisture moniker. Superficialy, there is always this specific harsh essence that he creates either as Evil Moisture or Olympic Shit Man (along with Mark Durgan), but deeper inside “Abnormal loves in School Of Meat Cutting”, a psychedelic concrete cave noise takes hold. An amazing atmosphere of sound in the vein of a small basement gig, the length of a repetitive painstaking rough composition and the harshness of his school of meat cutting aesthetics. Unmissable. Dimitris Thorivos (GR) closed up the record store of Soundcore Records in Exarchia and redefined the potential of non-boundaries as the trigger for undisguised noise in Paris. In France he was consumed by methodical cut ups and the twisting up of snobbery through noise. Thorivos’ audible stigma is a spontaneous and on-the-spot harsh noise, which he devoutly realizes in the “Anarchoacousmatic Tic” side of the split. As is probably obvious when listening to the two large pieces of the split, Andy and Dimitris, two totally like-minded artists, offer their best and give away some very specific emotions to that very specific audience that will not even bother reading this text.

Frist edition details: SOLD OUT
Special edition of 20 numbered 2x3inch CDrs with oversized custom sandpaper packaging. First 10 on brown sandpaper, next 10 on black. Rough side printed using hand-cut stencil and paint roll, and smooth side two-colour screen-print. Shipped in regular thick 7″ vinyl clear PVC sleeve in order to protect the rest of your collection.

Second edition details: BUY HERE
Clear, hand-numbered cassette with black imprint housed in stenciled, custom o-card from sand paper.
Limited to 50 copies. First 25 copies come on brown sand paper and next 25 on black.

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