[CS-5] Ashtray Navigations “Glasgow” 7-inch lathe

Ashtray Navigations are the brainchild of English experimental musician Phil Todd and don’t really need any introduction. Aside from that, they started playing in 1994, a few years after the founding of the, now defunct, Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers label by Todd (now Memoirs Of An Aesthete), and are placed within the very broad spectrum of psychedelic free improvisational noise experimental lo-fi rock music. The implications of this description reflect something bigger than the description itself, aural projections that led David Keenan (of Wire Magazine) to describe Todd as “a trashcan antidote to La Monte Young”. As Phil says, he started back in 1994 with a (not very good) four track to see “what he can do with it”. So what he did “with it” in the coming years is, in our opinion, important enough to remember him -along with Gary Mundy (Ramleh) and Matthew Bower (Skullflower)- as England’s most important experimental musician who has delved in rock-ier contexts, of the last twenty years, and this doesn’t sound an exaggerated to us. Todd’s juxtaposed concepts of composition that can comfortably entangle his blues influences with his exceptional guitar experimentations, and his experimental know-how of the noisy outbursts, all these things together, demonstrate the self-evident: a monument to british rock.

In recent years Ashtray Navigations perform as a duo, with Phil Todd accompanied by Melanie Crowley, exactly like the Glasgow concert earlier this year. Driven by the latter, and excited as we are with our cooperation, in “Glasgow” lathe we can hear a distinctive imprint of that performance, being able to catch the live feeling in its entirely. A monument to british rock indeed.

Edition details:
7″ single-sided square lathe cuts with two-colour screen-printed B side, including double-sided insert with hand-numbering. Limited to 27 copies.

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